Amelia “Team Steyrhaus”

Amelia has a long time love for dogs which began as a junior handler showing her parents Bichon Frise and Spaniel. After a time away from the sport, a chance meeting between us re-ignited her spark for dog showing. this lead to her accepting an invitation to show our GSD’s – a breed she has never shown before even though she owns a GSD herself lol.

Amelia has an amazing rapport with dogs and they respond well to her in and out of the show environment. In particular, her bond with ‘Steyrhaus Sparks Will Fly’ AKA ‘Ingy’ is a special one.

We hold Amelia in high regard. Her natural instinct around dogs, her willingness to immerse herself in the involvement in the sport and her positivity is priceless!

To us, Amelia, is an Angel whom we are blessed to know.

Margaret and Neil Shelley